Sunday, August 13, 2006

No more walls...

The concept of Kiboze is simple. Maintain all your relationships in the tools you use today and Kiboze just gives you yet another way to communicate with them through text messaging.

Just think of all the places we maintain lists of our contacts. Everywhere from mobile phone(s), to multiple email accounts, to multiple IM networks, to multiple social networks like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn. Meanwhile these tools require us to re-connect to the same people over and over. These so-called "walled gardens" make building and managing your relationships hard and often unnecessary, work. I'm exhausted just writing about it.

Unlike other social networking services, Kiboze hopes to spare you that frustration by allowing you to connect with your existing contacts via text messaging on your terms using the many relationships you've already defined in your IM platform or platforms. The next thing is to find a way to pull those names and number from that old black book you used to, on second thought, maybe we should just leave that old thing alone. (Giving Kim 4 stars? What were you thinking?) Meanwhile, keep on Kibozing!