Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Textaholics Wanted...

It's true, I'm an addict. Last month I sent & received over 500 text messages. But of course unlike email, which is free, text messaging can get expensive. Not only that, how hard is it to send one text message to multiple people? If your phone even supports the feature, the user interface is clunky and oh-so painful. The end result is we send a different msg to each of our friends...or, more likely, some of our friends just get kept in the dark - the pain is just too much. (sorry Diskin)

Kiboze is a new way to send text messages. Save yourself money, save yourself time. Send one text message to Kiboze and we'll locate your friends no matter where they are - on the computer or on the road and Kiboze delivers the message for you. Imagine that - one text, to rule them all.


Blogger Peekamo.com said...

Check out Peekamo.com, they let you send Group txt messages, and really for FREE both for the sender and for the recepient. I tried Kiboze, nice, but the people I sent messages to, they got charged because I think Kiboze uses SMTP, where Peekamo.com uses real SMS - SMPP!

Try it out!

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