Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kiboze makes the FRONT PAGE!

Wow!! We mentioned earlier that Wednesday was a big day for Kiboze because we were going to give some people a "sneak peek" into what we've been up to. So we decided to sponsor a Battle of the Bands and BBQ that was happening here in Boston. It was just supposed to be a small event that might get a couple hundred people aware of the Kiboze name.

Boy were we wrong! The Kiboze Battle of the Bands event was picked up by Boston's #1 free newspaper, The Metro, with 250,000 daily readers. There it was, the Kiboze name slapped across the FRONT PAGE. Fantastic right!!! Absolutely. But one minor detail...the Metro spelled Kiboze wrong, doh! You can see a copy in .pdf here.

Oh well, it was quite a thrill anyway that our first little foray into PR would be such a big success.


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